Raphael Köllner and Hans Brender
Am Linder Kreuz 67
51447 Köln

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data privacy


Who we are

We are a private team of two people Hans and Raphael, who are creating and hosting this podcast for fun. We love to talk with Microsoft MVPs around the world and chat with them about their life, their IT Business and funny stories. Moreover we create this website to share with you our podcast files.

Which personal data we collect and why

We collect this data via the default Microsoft Azure toolbox only for security reasons and some statistics like the number of downloads and views of our podcast.

  • IP Adress
  • Browser
  • OS System
  • how often

and via 1&1 Website storage account, where we store our podcast files:

  • IP Adress
  • Browser
  • OS System
  • how often

But you can use our website without sharing you personal data. If you want it, you can use InPrivate Browser or 3rd party tools like TOR Browser to hide you personal data.

We never share your personal data outside the MVP Coffeeparty team or sell them to other people.



This website is hosted on Microsoft Azure Europe (Amsterdam) with a small database (Mysql) for WordPress in the same datacenter. In a desaster recovery case the data can move to the other datacenter in Dublin to secure the data and the files.

We have contracts with Microsoft like EU Modelclauses and contract data processing via the Microsoft Online Service Terms. Moreover we use the security settings for Azure WebApps to secure the data and do the best for you and your data.



We use WordPress for our website. In this connectin we don´t allow comments or content from 3rd Party. We don´t have contact forms, so please use the email. At least we don´t allow a membership for this website.



For security and statistic reasons wordpress use Cookies for this website. We have 7 Cookies for this WordPress installation and 2 for the template.


delete your personal data

In default we delete all the security and statistic data after 2 years. For security reasons and as a exception maybe with a time periode of attacks of this website we will collect these data 5 years, but if we need, we will share it with you here on this website.


data privacy contact

If you have any questions feel free to ask:

We support encryption with PGP or Office 365 Message encryption. Please stay in contact with us to sent us encrypted emails.