It´s 6 pm in Berlin and 1 am in Taipei and both cities are Cities of the Microsoft Ignite Tour 2019/2020. This topics aren´t the only topic which is different and which are comparing. We are happy to see that your Guest lives in both cities, knows the culture and the is our guest! So join our podcast to learn more:

MVP Coffeeparty Nr. 8 with Mia Chang

In this episode of the mvp coffeeparty we invited Mia Chang. She is MVP for Azure with the special topic of AI and one of the greatest women in IT. She is international Speaker, Blogger, Guest in Podcasts and works for an innovative company in the melting pod Berlin.

In our episode we are talking with Mia about IT, Culture, differences and similarities of Taiwan and Germany.

Part I 

We introduce Mia Chang ->

Podcast Version

In this section the podcast is available in an audio edition:

also available on iTunes.




University Uppsala



Currywurst  (Best one in Berlin)

Working from Home



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