The MVP Program is local, is national, is international and often a place where you find awesome people. One of these people is our guest of this MVP CoffeeParty Nr. 10. The guest is Vesa Nopanen from Finland.

Vesa, Microsoft Teams and a Whiskey

In this episode of the MVP Coffeeparty we love to present our MVP friend Vesa. He is Office Apps & Services MVP and discuss with us about this Home Town, the culture and how to be an consultant and MVP in this times of an Covid-19 crisis.

Moreover we talk about new MVPs in this times and why a Videopodcast can be a game changer to learn more about people in the community.

At least our topic is Microsoft Teams and how this tool is a gamechanger in modern work times.

Videocast on Youtube



In the next days we will add the Audio-version to iTunes and to our website.



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