One time in the evening after a podcast with Mia Chang we talk about different culture and the idea to bring some people together around the world. The idea war born and yesterday we recorded the one and only Special MASC podcast with Mia Antje Sara and Christina.

The Special Podcast

MASC == Mia Antje Sara and Christina

Mia : Taiwan / Berlin

Sara: Brasil / Berlin

Antje : USA / München

Christina: USA / München

It was an Incredible podcast recording with these awesome women. At first it was a challenge to prepare the podcast, because it was the first time to create questions and a roadmap. We want to talk with all guests and give them the free space to answer and start the typical MVP Coffee party talk.

We talk with Mia, Sara, Anthe and Christian about their favorite tool in the Microsoft stack and ask them 6 fast questions, which they have to choose one of two options like „Whiteboard or OneNote“.

So don´t talk about the content, you really need to hear the podcast and watch the video:




Audio Version

Here you can hear the mp3 Version of the podcast. Moreover visit iTunes or the biggest podcast databases to hear the podcast.


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