Orlando, 38 degrees, 30k attendees and over 1000 speaker: Microsoft Ignite 2019

It´s every time a honor to be at Microsoft Ignite with our podcast „mvpcoffeeparty“. It´s a tradion now after 3 times, that we talk at one of the last days about the conference and the hottest topics.  This time we choose Microsoft Teams as the hottest topic on Microsoft Ignite 2019 and invited 2 Guests:

Our Guests:

  • Laurie Pottheimer  (Microsoft Teams, Community Lead)
  • Nick  Smith (Microsoft Teams EDU, Engineer)

Thank you so much to be our guests! 


In this podcast we talk about the hot topics of Microsoft Ignite and the questions, our listeners sent us three weeks before. In this combination we had so much topics, we cannot answer everyone. But we can ask nearly 80% off the questions of our listeners and got a lot of answers and interessting discussions.

Thank you also „Office 365 Akademie“, who shares our formular, too. 

So here is our Microsoft Ignite Podcast – Edition 2019:


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